Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars 2012 Umm Really ? (part 1)

As I am half asleep yet getting mini heart attacks every time I see another fashion fail this year on Oscars 2012: iv been contemplating whether I should start posting my comments  from now ?

I’m gona start PART1 of the post with my HELL NO’s

Yup so the following will just be my heat of the moment kinda live Red Carpet comments :

Ready? Here it goes:
George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler at the #Oscars sorry Stacy all i can think of is ferrero rocher chocolate #fail

Viola Davis : I don’t even know where to begin ? do I comment on the colours or the fact that she is matching ? NO!! lets just say  Viola Davis : is officially a Vegetarian .. #oscar #fail 2012

The 2 looks above ,For some reason, make me  feel like they are looks that I would see in a typical Gulfy wedding ( the brides 3ama)minus the plunging neckline (cleavage)

1stly eating disorder much? 2nd 90’s much ?(the hair isnt helping)
A very reoccurring theme on the red carpet this Oscars :  90’s fabric choice + style.. I had to double check and make sure this is happening now 2012 ..  

Its one thing to be simple and another to not fit the occasion .. #Justsayin

Brides Maids gone super uber wrong .. ??? & a dude.

Kim Kardash inspired look much?(from head to toe)

Yes polka dots r in for this season, but not when you borrow mini’s dress honey ..

Looking good as a couple , I am not crazy about the hair.. BUT fix ur bowtie love >_<

I don’t hate what JLO's wearing.. but she hasn’t surprised me same old look …. Can we see something different already?

Looking nice .. but seen this 2 many times by now.. overdone

Looking nice .. but seen this 2 many times by now.. overdone

Something just doesn't fit ...

Just my opinion.. I would love to know what you guys think?


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