Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ovadia & Sons Spring 2012..

I noticed brothers Shimon and Ariel of Ovadia & Sons have introduced a new collection for their Spring 2012, Classical styled clothing for a modern minded chap.. So I thought of sharing some of the looks with ya’ll : ) 

Skimming through these different looks all I can think off are all the stylish men of Italy/Europe .. It really reminds me of walking the streets of Italy and that natural sense of style the men have there, very inspiring.. Good times good times :)

 I still have faith in our men in the Gulf , and hope one day they could start getting encouraged & stirred by the European fashion .. in moderation and appropriateness off course ! ( we should never become slaves of fashion & trends )

I love the small styling details such as, colour , fabric , cut and even collar shapes ..  and SHOOOES !!!

I secretly would love to wear some of these looks myself !!! does that make me butch ? or does that make some of these looks too femininely influenced ..? hmm #JustAThought


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